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Crawford House Student Accommodation Scarborough

Living at Crawford
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At the heart of settling into Student life, is your place to live. Choosing Crawford House as your Student Accommodation in Scarborough is the smart choice!

Coming to Crawford House, making it your home while at University in Scarborough takes the pressure off and leaves you free to do the things that students want to do.

Just concentrate on studying, starting Student life and enjoying your time at Uni in Scarborough.

We have been looking after Students at Crawford House accommodation for over 16 years, and know a thing or two about what Students need and want.

Every Student is different, and we use our experience to create an environment for each individual to feel at home, and enjoy their independent living experience.

If Crawford House Scarborough is your home, then we aim to create a safe, clean, friendly environment that brings out the best in you.

Going to University may be your first taste of independent living.

We want your University experience to give you all the things you want, academically, socially, and personally.

We also understand you don’t want us around for the most part, but sometimes its good to be able to call on us, when you need to, Its reassuring to know we are not far away. Always on hand at Crawford House.


Crawford House Student Accommodation Scarborough